Airplane Hooked Rug

Original Design, c. 1930, depicting WWI and 1920 airplanes. Center gray motif in the form of an Eagle includes American Flag and "modern" airplane from the 30s. On ivory field, the condition is excellent. Unique

height: 37.00" width: 44.00"

price: $3,800
ref #: LN428RAAL
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Horse Head in Horseshoe Hooked Rug

Dated 1913, very folky hand designed rug has been mounted on a frame. Small losses on edge.

height: 30.00" width: 50.25"

price: $975
ref #:
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House Hooked Rug

Mounted house and flower garden hooked rug with striped chevron border. Ex: Virginia Cave.

height: 31.00" width: 39.25"

price: $2,400
ref #: LN448KSIN
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Lions Hooked Rug

Period rug in Maine Frost design of two lions amongst foilage. Variations of this design exist in publications on early hooked rugs. C. 1880-90. Mounted.

height: 31.25" width: 58.50"

price: $1,900
ref #: L479KLTL
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